Series of the Baby PPE : Personal Protective equipment

As we experienced the last couple of months, our lives were dramatically changed after the COVID-19 outbreaks. Touching our face with hands becomes a taboo, and wearing a mask/face cover when we go out is the new norm. 


In this series of work "Baby: Personal Protective Equipment(PPE)", you can find small baby hands on top of the mask. These are molded and cast of my child's hand when he was 3-month old and merged with a facial mask designed for Coronavirus to create a new dialogue. The mask reflects the reality of the COVID-19 outbreak and symbolizes the threat of the world. Through the combined image of a mask and the baby's hand, as a symbolic representation of the most harmless and purest, visualizing the harmonization of the irony and incongruity of the reality that we have faced through the lens of abjection.


*The mask is made out of 3 parts. The outer frame, inner frame, and the disposable filter in between. The frame is designed for repeat use and could be disinfected.

 © 2020 by Dasol Hong.

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