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Archive: Installations

Trans;layer, 2019, nylon mesh, plaster, water, stepper motor, rubber, fabric and sound


Assertive yet intimate, my installation reflects the image of wall. It’s about the:
A layer. Maybe layers.
Residue of dead thought.
Residue of what I will eat or drink tomorrow.
Being something.
Sad motion.
Naked Edges.
It divides space and protects an internal object from external stimulus, while at the same time, their sheerness has no real power to protect from piercing stimulation. This represents a relationship between rebelling against structural oppression in sociological perspective and delicacy on the fragility. My installation centers on exploring feminine narratives in aesthetics, media, history, and personal experiences. I invite the viewers to the space to shift from observers to participants. This interaction creates a dialogue between the ideas of identity, human dignity, the energy of the body, and oppression, and tension through the lens and time of today.

Human Flow, Video loop 29 minutes, 2018

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